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60 Malaya Arnautskaya, Odessa, Ukraine, 65012

Meet and transfer from the Airport: 15 euros.

Please call when you arrive to schedule pick ups.


The Entrance is a Red/Pink wooden door on MALAYA ARNAUTSKAYA (Малая Арнаутская) building #60.
Press the top buzzer (written next to it is Babushka Grand) to be let in. There is NO entrance on Ekaterinenskaya.


In order to reach the destination, you need to follow one of these instructions:


From the Train Station:

Please note that we can arrange to meet groups at the train station, just let us know when you will be arriving by calling +380-63-070-5535, +380-93-098-41356.

1) Walk straight from the main entrance of train station across the plaza (past McDonalds) to Pushkinskaya St (Пушкінська).
2) Continue one block down Pushkinskaya St. to Malaya Arnautskaya St. (Мала Арнаутська).
3) Turn left on Malaya Arnautskaya St. (Мала Арнаутська) and walk for two blocks.
4) You will pass the BLACK SEA HOTEL on the right and cross Rishelevskaya (Рішельєвська).
5) The hostel will be on the right hand side about midway between Rishelevskaya (Рішельєвська) and Ekaterinenskaya (Екатерининська)
6) You will see a red wooden door on the right hand side with a golden 60 on it, press the top buzzer marked 'Babushka Grand' and we'll let you in.

If you have any problem please call or send an SMS


From the Main Bus Station:

Take the tram #5 to the train station or Prevoz (which is right next to the train station) and follow the directions above.


Take the marshrutka (mini-bus) 208 to the corner of Ekaterinenskaya/Malaya Arnautskaya. When you get off, cross Malaya Arnautskaya and you will see building number #60 and a red door, press the top buzzer to be let in


From the Odessa International Airport:

Take Marshrutka (Bus) #117 to the corner of Ekaterinenskay and Malaya Arnautskaya.

If you miss the stop you can get off just down the street at the Privoz Market (Fox Mart is the big store on the corner) simply walk back down Ekaterinenskaya, the street you were just on, to Malaya Arnautskaya and follow the directions above.

We charge 15 euros for airport pickups.


By Taxi:

You can get a taxi from the airport. The price should not be more than 70 UAH.

Please note that we can arrange to meet you at the train station, just let us know when you will be arriving.

In order to reach the destination from Odessa International Airport by car, you need to follow these instructions:

1) Head north
2) Turn right at Овидиопольская дорога/Овідіопольська дорога
3) Continue onto Іванівський переїзд/Ивановский переезд
4) Continue onto Мельницкая ул./Мельницька вул.
5) Turn left at Степова вул./Степовая ул.
6) Take the 1st right onto Богдана Хмельницького вул./Хмельницкого Богдана ул.

7) Turn right at Малая Арнаутська вул./Малая Арнаутская ул. and go down the street until you reach Ekaterinenskaya #60, it will be on the left side.