We opened, live and work in this hostel because we love Odessa and meeting new people. We enjoy the city, know the city and aren't here just to make a buck. If you want to stay in a place that feels like a home, is connected to the culture of Odessa and isn't just another generic hostel or apartment that treats you as a commodity, come stay with us. And if you want to “chill” with us during the winter we offer discounts for our long term guests between Oct 1st and May 1st. But, if you are in Ukraine looking for a wife through an agency or interested in any type of sex-tourism please find other accommodations.

Let us introduce ourselves: Masha is a jazz singer born and raised in Odessa, Neil is an Adonis, Christian is our director of style, Shekhar is the Master, Daksh is married (sorry ladies) and if he isn’t careful—fired, John likes oranges and Inga makes the guitar shine. We love going to the beach, listening to live music (or making it), walking around the city, cooking (especially Mexican and Indian food), playing poker, smoking hookah and just sitting around talking. We’ve got a great group of friends, locals and expats, who we would love to introduce you to, because we know that it is people, more than anything else, that makes the experience. Odessa is our home and so we are less in the hostel business than making and keeping Odessa a great place to enjoy life.